Perfect 5 point checklist for saving the world

OK, got your attention? Frances Moore Lappe has written many books (Diet for a Small Planet, etc etc). And one of her latest is called “Getting a Grip”. It’s full of goodness and usefulness. And there’s an updated version too.

And here is (for me) the best bit of all….

Idea 8: Living Democracy’s Checklist

as we probe deeply, identify causal patterns & choose entry points

1. Am I expanding and spreading power?

  • Does my action create new power – greater awareness and strengthening of my own and others’ capacities? Does it reduce power imbalances?
  • Is my own effort contributing to a one-time correction, or does it generate ongoing, fairer, and more effective decision-making?
  • Does accountability flow one-way, or are multiple parties taking responsibility and being held accountable?
  • 2. Am I easing fear of change and fear of the other?

  • Am I modeling that it’s okay to be afraid as we face the new?
  • Does my effort replace stereotyping with valuing and welcoming diversity?
  • Am I helping to build group bonds that strengthen courage without excluding others?
  • 3. Am I learning and teaching the arts of democracy?

  • Does my effort teach and practice active listening, the creative use of conflict, ongoing evaluation, mentoring and other essential skills for effectiveness?
  • 4. Am I creating movement that is sustainable?

  • Is the initiative made inherently rewarding with big doses of real learning, humor, beauty, celebration and camaraderie?
  • Is it being made widely visible so that those beyond the inner circle are motivated to act? (Don’t forget our mirror neurons.)
  • 5. Am I replacing the limiting frame with an empowering one?

  • Am I helping to replace the core presumption of “lack” with that of “plenty”?
  • Am I helping to replace belief in fixed economic laws with confidence in human creativity?
  • Am I refocusing on the goodness “in” human nature – our needs for connection, fairness, and effectiveness – we can tap to heal our beautiful planet?
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