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Of innovation, rationality and macaques…

Here’s my thesis, up front. Innovations which disagree with or undercut the cosmologies and power-sources of the ‘gatekeepers’ in a society have little (if any) chance of success.* Disruptive technologie are, well, disruptive, and disruption is not welcomed if you’re … Continue reading

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A river runs through us…

David Brooks has got a worth-reading article in the New Yorker called Social Animal. Sure, it’s got his annoying tics (he’s trying to coin yet another catchphrase to go along with bobos and exurbs, and it throws in ‘evidence’ that … Continue reading

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Learning from Las Vagueness

Have been reading and absorbing “The Evolving Self: Psychology for the Third Millennium” Here’s a couple of quotes- Evolution has apparently provided us with an efficient mechanism to make us do what is good for us- the experience of pleasure. … Continue reading

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Go with the Flow

I often think of states not just as having a monopoly on the legitimate use of violence, but also as being obsessed with regulating/encouraging free flows (e.g mercantilism to neoliberalism) of capital. Of course, they’re less keen on the free … Continue reading

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