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Transition cartoon – dumped in it.

Marc Roberts has started a cartoon series about Bob (a human with a suspiciously close resemblance to the man himself) being sent into various possible futures by a couple of Intergalactic Health and Safety Inspectorate aliens. You can see it … Continue reading

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Who left the monkeys in charge??

Marc Roberts is starting a new cartoon series, for the Transition Network, loosely based on the “scenarios” of David Holmgren and Stuart Chamberlain. He’ll be posting every Monday and Friday… I for one welcome our new Health and Safety Inspectorating … Continue reading

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From Utopian Socialism to Transition Towns

Robert Owen (1771 -1858) was a “social reformer and one of the founders of socialism and the cooperative movement.” The wikipedia article on him is quite fine, and one bit leaps out “One of the most interesting features of the … Continue reading

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Transitional object offers no security

So this is cross-posted from over at “Time to GLOW“, one of my too numerous other wordpress sites… I’ve just read, to my sorrow, “Who we are and what we do“ by Rob Hopkins and Peter Lipman. Published in February … Continue reading

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Fourth World Reviewed (issue 149)

Latest “Fourth World Review” slaps onto the doormat. (Last issue reviewed here) Highlights include; a provocative list of actions for re-imagining society by Will Sutherland, “It is such a shame we cannot use the brains that evolution has given us. … Continue reading

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