The Five Literacies of Global Leadership

Hmmm. Yes, maybe.
“Going Deep”Andrew Cornell, Australian Financial Review Boss Magazine April 2011

[Richard Hames] most recent major book is The Five Literacies of Global Leadership, which argues in favour of jettisoning orthodoxies to “liberate” collective wisdom. The five literacies he identifies are: intelligence, defined as the ability to connect with others and express the complexity of the ecosystem; futuring, the ability to visualise and imagine future possibilities; strategic navigation, the ability to learn to adapt at the same speed as the changes happening around you; deep design, the ability to create wisdom through non-adversarial dialogue; and brand resonance, the ability to create attention that awakens your unique value in others.


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One Response to The Five Literacies of Global Leadership

  1. Antonio Dias says:

    “How can you tell if she’s a witch?”

    A blend of insightful points and sheer malarkey. Suitable example of the aftershocks of a worldview in collapse.

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