Youtube: Agentic Deadlock for absolute beginners

So, there’s this lovely brainiac I know called Daniel Hausknost, and he’s just finishing off his PhD. He’s basically looking at the “why” of why nothing ever changes in advanced capitalist states, especially in response to ecological threats.
I am not easily impressed, but I do think he is really onto something. And although he writes remarkably clearly for an academic, these are still complex ideas. I certainly haven’t mastered them. So, when I don’t understand something very well, I try to teach it. Sometimes that helps (me at least).
And so I have made the following youtube –

It doesn’t really go into “agentic deadlock” (where none of the agents is able to make anything happen because of resistance from the others – kinda a Mexican standoff) or “epistemic legitimacy”. But it’s a start. I plan to make another video at some point, but I would REALLY LIKE feedback on this one. What isn’t clear? What doesn’t seem right (please note, the problem is almost certainly in my grotesque simplification, not in Daniel’s actual work).


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3 Responses to Youtube: Agentic Deadlock for absolute beginners

  1. vera says:

    I ran into Hausknost last summer, in some brief tantalizing article referencing his work, and could not find anything else (my Deutsch is not up to poli sci). Why the heck doesn’t Daniel write in English? Poke him on behalf of all of us.

  2. dwighttowers says:

    Hey Vera,
    there’s a follow up youtube video to this one in preparation. Tries to go a bit more into what ‘agentic deadlock’ and ‘epistemic legitimacy’ actually are…
    Should be up in a few days (there are others ahead of it in the production line)


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