“Wake-up” calls? Nah, that’s not the way the species rolls…

There’s that idea/hope that we will suddenly go “aw crap, that’s been really dumb of us” and do things differently.  From a very personal perspective, I hope that’s true, and will try to make it so (checklists, etc etc).  But from a societal level?  Don’t bet on it.

Samuel L Jackson’s highly entertaining youtube to get out the vote for the slightly less-right-wing-corporate-meat-puppet.

Habits and the 21 day myth


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4 Responses to “Wake-up” calls? Nah, that’s not the way the species rolls…

  1. Attiyyah Omerjee says:

    What the frack*???! (*note I did not use the other word ahem) People can make videos like this in the US??! Um, some may think I am detracting from the overall message, but I have a big problem with that little girl swearing/being exposed to SLJ’s profanity.


    Attiyyah Omerjee “Man will occasionally stumble across the truth, but most of the time he will pick himself up and continue on” Winst

  2. DaveC says:

    Ha ! Excellent, Thanks for sharing this! Am about to email it to a few people I know in the States. For some reason find myself slightly shocked by the use of the F-word aside from the main slogan, but guess this is Samuel L channeling his character in Pulp Fiction… An _Excellent_ piece of communication… Lets hope enough do….

  3. Arty says:

    Well! That was certainly, entertaining. Even if I was left slightly bemused at the radical difference between politically related conduct in the UK, compared to the USA. That was a brilliant video to watch. I do however strongly object to the use of such profanity by that little child. (Yes you have a message, but dude there are boundaries!)
    Very creative, and bloody persuasive!

    • dwighttowers says:

      Samuel L can get away with just about anything, I think… Interesting stuff about the NJ and NY bods (Christie and Bloomberg) coming out for Obama. Romney is toast again, I think…

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