TV screens you can’t switch off…

So, somewhere between 1984 and Farenheit 451. The future, until the Pending Ecological Debacle kicks in, is going to be wall-to-wall moving images…

Phones to control more connected world
Brian Corrigan, Australian Financial Review 31 May 2011
One other likely development as more consumers ditch desktops and notebooks for smartphones and tablets is a new wave of innovation to tackle the problem caused by smaller screens for certain activities like watching movies and playing games.
“We re going to see smaller, more powerful units with different display possibilities [Kathy] Cleland, [director of digital cultures at the University of Sydney] says.
“One of the problems with mobile phones is that the screen size is very small. People are already working on the projection of information onto a variety of surfaces that become a de facto screen when you need something to be larger.”


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