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Aggression “natural” dominance “human nature” blah blah blah yadder yadder yadder

I am so unbelievably sick of the “just-so” stories that are propagated as means of justifying the crappy things we either do or allow to be done.  From the Catholic Church and its “original sin” to the lunatic right and … Continue reading

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Japanese Nuclear Emergency: Mark Lynas and “TMI” = not enough information

In an interview on ChinaDialogue about Nuclear Power (in the light of Fukushima), UK environmentalist Mark Lynas made a number of interesting points about risk perception (but probably nothing you haven’t heard before.) At one point he claimed “Take Three Mile … Continue reading

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Of Susan B Anthony, stuff blowing up, and learning from the Ants

We “dissidents” can be sadly ignorant of ‘our’ history. It’s not often in the history books (unless you read Howard Zinn), so we need to look a little harder, think a little further. Fortunately, there are people like On This … Continue reading

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