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Resilience and the golden goose-icide

Don’t over-exploit limited and slow-growing natural resources. Or There Will Be Trouble… (our fairy tales used to tell us this). Here’s a quote from William Gibson’s speculative fiction novel “All Tomorrow’s Parties.” In the passage below the existence of State-sanctioned … Continue reading

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Resilience, football teams and fluctations

I’m reading a lot on resilience and the “management” of ecological services. One point that comes up time and again is that efforts to control ‘outputs’ of one particular thing will be successful in the short-term, but then require bigger … Continue reading

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WW2 again, panarchy and the Tongass National Forest

In a recent(ish) post called the Death of Cod I mused on the changes wrought by World War Two. Does anyone know of a single book that summarises the technological shifts from ’39 to ’45 (jet engines, mass production, atomic … Continue reading

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Adaptive Governance – who? how?

We need, it seems, to teach elephants to tapdance “Adaptive governance is a particular form of governance that emphasizes the capacity to adapt to changing relationships between society and ecosystems in ways that sustain ecosystem services. Characteristics of adaptive governance … Continue reading

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“Pulse” and “press” disturbances…

Well, this is useful (to me at least)… A disturbance that occurs as a relatively discrete event in time is referred to here as a “pulse” disturbance, while more gradual or cumulative pressure on a system is referred to as … Continue reading

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Effing Efficient

Although it is reasonably straightforward to estimate the costs of maintaining general resilience (some form of foregone extra yield or profit), it is much harder to estimate the costs of not maintaining it (because it is nonspecific). For this reason, … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with adaptation?

This is a (brief) section in the book that I am writing. So, comments very welcome… What’s the matter with ‘adaptation’? There’s already a term in use – adaptation, that sits alongside “mitigation”. It’s well embedded into the UNFCCC and … Continue reading

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