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“Ultimately, communicative capitalism does not vanquish boredom so much as it “sublates” it, seeming to destroy it only to preserve it in a new synthesis.”

Oh, thisis the good shit. The consequence is a strange kind of existential state, in which exhaustion bleeds into insomniac overstimulation (no matter how tired we are, there is still time for one more click) and enjoyment and anxiety co-exist … Continue reading

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Running (flat out) on empty

There’s a sequence in Wilbur Smith’s novel When the Lion Feeds (don’t ask) where the young (white) hero and his faithful Zulu sidekick are being hunted down. The hunters send out their two fastest runners. The sidekick explains that the … Continue reading

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The upside of patriarchy and war

Needlessly and childishly provocative title aside, have a read of bits of these two letters that appeared in the FT earlier this year. “When I joined the Australian Commonwealth Public Service in the 1970s, those in the senior positions (invariably … Continue reading

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