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Dominant males in “slow-to-learn” shocker. Want innovation? Find it among low status (e.g. females).

Nature is an awesome journal, and I am already mourning the impending end of my uber-cheap subscription. Most of it goes WAY over my head.  This though, from Vol 500, No 7462, made me laugh. Emphasis and hyperlinks are added … Continue reading

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Aggression “natural” dominance “human nature” blah blah blah yadder yadder yadder

I am so unbelievably sick of the “just-so” stories that are propagated as means of justifying the crappy things we either do or allow to be done.  From the Catholic Church and its “original sin” to the lunatic right and … Continue reading

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Understatement of the Year: “if people under you think your space shuttle is going to explode…”

From a post by Timothy Blee “A related phenomenon is a tendency toward excessive optimism within large bureaucracies. People dislike giving their bosses bad news. Given that managers have to summarize and abbreviate the information their employees give them anyway, … Continue reading

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