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Cynthia Peters is a class act

If Cynthia Peters is as good an activist as she is analyst and writer, the next American Revolution can’t be that far off. She wrote a brilliant piece on Noam Chomsky, praising him (natch) but pointing out that the ‘what … Continue reading

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Do I like kids? Yes, but I couldn’t eat a whole one…

My niece is kind of angelic (as long as you get to hand her back when she’s being grumpy. Now that she’s in the terrible twos, that’s a lot of the time). Was at a Turkish restaurant in London- the … Continue reading

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Go with the Flow

I often think of states not just as having a monopoly on the legitimate use of violence, but also as being obsessed with regulating/encouraging free flows (e.g mercantilism to neoliberalism) of capital. Of course, they’re less keen on the free … Continue reading

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