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Ideal Speech Community? Right now I’d settle for “adequate” speech community

Staged an event last night. Thought there were adults present. So we “agreed” a ‘two sentences for your questions’ thing, inspired by this. I am a muppet. There were several disruptive children present, albeit mostly in their 50s and 60s. … Continue reading

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Imaginary all the people…

As in Social Imaginary… I find the ideas of political philosopher Charles Taylor good to think with. Writing of liberal multicultural societies, Taylor takes the notion of recognition and suggests it has two possible manifestations – society can recognise cultural … Continue reading

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I don’t get what this society wants

There’s that Jam song, “Going Underground.” It’s got an energy, an anger, a confusion that is still so alive thirty years after it was written and performed. One line of the lyrics has stuck with me,  “I don’t get what … Continue reading

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