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Davos again – species’ future thrown in “too hard” basket

This is a sequel of sorts to a blog post where I took a recent cartoon about Davos by Chapatte and posted the end of the notorious 2003 Laurie Garrett email underneath. Today’s Australian (Jan 31, 2011, page 22) had … Continue reading

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Davos – clueless as ever

This cartoon by Chapatte is from the New York Times, and is spot on. Our Lords and Masters are clueless, for reasons they at best only dimly understand. Laurie Garrett got it right, years ago when she said (see below … Continue reading

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More Davos hilarity

I blogged briefly yesterday on Davos, and couldn’t get a comedy meta-tag to work. Never mind. Here’s some more Davos hilarity from the FT and Indie (which had the front page headline “It just gets worse and worse”. On first … Continue reading

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Magic Mountains, Mad Scientists

So, another January, another “World Economic Forum” in Davos, Switzerland. [The World Social Forum, happening simultaneously, seems to have been disappeared.] The FT has done what it usually does in these circumstances- sent a hefty delegation of reporters, got some … Continue reading

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