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Climate Camp defunct: good riddance

Attention Conservation Notice: Climate Camp has announced it’s not doing a camp this year and is having a “big” (sic) meeting and also organising four groups, including one “to investigate new organisational forms, structures and tactics for possible next experiments.” … Continue reading

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Exasperation versus Contempt

Hmm, every so often I use this blog to propound distinctions (possibly hair-splitting ones) that might be the teensy-weensiest bit self-serving/self-exculpating. A while back it was “arrogant is better than smug-discuss” – the former being ok because it was upfront … Continue reading

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Higher Ground: Sarcasm, Contempt and the Supreme Asshole Move

Attention Conservation Notice:  Brief (be)musings on the nature and message of sarcasm versus contempt, with a great Vonnegut quote followed by an obligatory link to a supremely funny Onion story.  And a “don’t say this at home” chaser… I wrote … Continue reading

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