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Less can be more for “change agents”

Reading around on ‘shadow organisations’, I stumbled across an essay by a consultant called Bill Critchley entitled “The Role of the Change Agent. [pdf]” This bit struck my eye Self-Organisation and Emergence Before I understood a little about complexity theory, … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of Flipcharts

I blogged (well, alright, ranted) on flip charts a while back, and how they can be used to control and funnel energy and intentions and set up barriers between what the facilitators want and expect and are happy with versus … Continue reading

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Shout out to the “Art of Hosting”

Johnnie Moore sends me to interesting places on the Tinterwebs. One of them recently was to a Chris Corrigan post, which led on (as these things so often do) to “The Art of Hosting.” What’s that? That’s pretty cool-sounding, is … Continue reading

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