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Throwing out the baby with the botox?

Had a lovely brunch with someone I’ve not seen in 20 years. She’s witty, glamorous etc. My wife thought so too. One of the things she mentioned was reading a study where babies of women who had botox injections were … Continue reading

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Depends how they’re cooked

as I shoot back at anyone asking if I like children. The alternative answer is “yes, but I couldn’t eat a whole one.” Depends how I’m feeling… Here’s Simon Kuper, the fabulous ex-sports-now-general-stuff columnist for the fabulous Financial Times in … Continue reading

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Franzen on ankle-biters

“Given a world of rather strikingly finite resources and a rather inflated and already unsustainable population, it’s an interesting thing to call a childless person selfish”. Jonathan Franzen

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Depends how they’re cooked

This from the Manchester Evening Nuisance amused me. An editorial from relatively recently, on the NHS mebbe not coughing up for IVF in future. “Becoming a parent should not be seen as a luxury but more as a human right. … Continue reading

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Do I like kids? Yes, but I couldn’t eat a whole one…

My niece is kind of angelic (as long as you get to hand her back when she’s being grumpy. Now that she’s in the terrible twos, that’s a lot of the time). Was at a Turkish restaurant in London- the … Continue reading

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