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The point of tipping – status, power, anger and all that jazz

Staggeringly brilliant post brought to my attention by my friend Sam. After comparing the Republican anger at Federal Government workers to the anger experienced by dinners at a restaurant that had abolished tipping, he goes onto say – Let me … Continue reading

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FT on China Crisis (of the communist party)

I wonder how long it will be before some copyright lawyer from Pearson smacks me in the kisser with a “t’pau” letter. excerpts from “How long can the Communist party survive in China” Jamil Anderlini Financial Times magazine Sept 21/2 … Continue reading

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Those 5 questions for the powerful, courtesy T. Benn

These are good questions. There are some others. One would be “holy shit, how do we stop the planet frying?“

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Your handy diaspora article checklist, or “Games academics play”

Oh, such cynicism in one so young  old….

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Desktop nearly cleared of cool images; “From gut feelings to ideology”

In case you were wondering.  I’m sat here on Monday 23rd September, Delilah the cat using me shamelessly as a cushion, queueing images and decluttering my desktop… This, from Doonesbury, is all-too-accurate. The left is slightly different, because it has … Continue reading

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Proper Tea is theft…

Is not the punchline to this joke.  Let me just go and watch some roaches climb the wall…

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The £7.25 million pound consultation. Really? That’s the second best ya got?

I said this to someone tonight.  He’s a friend of someone who reads this blog. Why?  Because I was being told that the electorate are irredeemably childish children, and need to be kept away from any real decisions, and that … Continue reading

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Left “Unity”, “People’s” “Assembly” and the “Socialist” “Workers” “Party” – god help us all.

Initiatives without initiative. Parties without pleasure. Stale formats run by stale people with stale (i.e. no) ideas. “Leaders” grubbing about for what little ego-fodder is to be had from half-empty halls full of the usual hacks and will-have-disappeared-in-3-months newbies. A … Continue reading

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Juking the stats and juicing the SWATS

There’s some interesting stuff on SWAT teams proliferating in the United States (the Department of “Homeland Security” is dishing out money for kit to everyone, including little towns in middle of nowhere. And once you have the kit you start … Continue reading

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Nick Cohen on the Liberal Democrats and the #securitystate #observer

Nick Cohen is not my favourite human being or journalist, but still, his piece on the “Liberal” Democrats is good stuff. “David Davis has studied his former partners closely and concluded that the Lib Dems are as easy to manipulate … Continue reading

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