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Candidate Obama debates POTUS Obama on #nsa #prism #facepalm


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SMBC video: “Culture Warriors” versus Jesus…

A giant green-bearded Jesus eating communist skyscrapers? Is that a sentence that has every been typed before, eh?

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Dilbert on job satisfaction; “what people feel right before they die from stress-related problems”

The full strip is here.

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Picture of a cat, because the internet is running out of them

Too lazy to do a proper post today, and have realised that the photo I was about to send to Mrs Towers of our awesome bundle of fur and brain cell* will suffice. * Yes, singular, not plural

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Yet another neologism; snisking (= snarking and fisking at the same time)

To snark: to use sarcasm or malice in speech. Commonly found in the LiveJournal community. also snarky, snarkiness. To fisk: to undertake a point-by-point refutation of a blog entry or (especially) news story. A really stylish fisking is witty, logical, … Continue reading

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Florilegium – or “where have all the flower (mash-ups) gone?”

Brain Pickings really is bloody brilliant! Thomas of Ireland authored the most famous florilegium of all time. Florilegia were compilations of excerpts from other writings, mashing up selected passages and connecting dots from existing texts to better illustrate a specific … Continue reading

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Awesome #Shakespeare spam!!

Shakespeare walks into a pub and the bar tender looks up and says “Oi, you’re bard.” Tumbleweed… Now, this.

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