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*Excellent* video on Big M and small m meetings by Johnnie Moore. Watch this!!! Advertisements

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Charity shop goons

Went out for a lovely lunch with the lovely Mrs Towers. Haloumi fish and chips! Charity shop people are getting more and more vicious. As we were innocently walking past they would leap out and force us at gunpoint to … Continue reading

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Not agnostic about agnatology – ignorance as a weapon in the never-ending class war

Don’t let your slaves learn to read. Not even the Bible, and the bits about the sons of Ham. Who knows what else they might do with that tool you have put in their hands. The field ones, definitely not. … Continue reading

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Academic NVDA – not as exciting as it sounds…

It occurs to me that many academics (with honorable exceptions!) engage in their own form of NVDA. Sadly, those letters stand for “Nonsense Verbiage Destroying Attention”… Thanks, I’m here all week… In other news, Big and Good changes afoot. Happy … Continue reading

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Ostrom, Habermas and understanding t’world

Reposted from Peter Levine’s website. Hat-tip to Sam Ostrom plus Habermas is nearly all we need Posted on June 16, 2014 by Peter The late, great Elinor Ostrom is much on my mind. I taught her work in Mexico a … Continue reading

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What happens when you get rid of managers? Excellent interesting reading…

Hat-tip Tim Kastelle…

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Nobody likes a know-it-all

At work yesterday someone said words to the effect  “You know something about everything, don’t you?” I demurred, pointing out that she only remembered the times that I had something useful to add. [I see you at the back there … Continue reading

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