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Riskless business – of inertia, ego-fodder-fication and “buying IBM”

There’s a business adage “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM”. It’s from back in the day (1970s) when Big Blue was the last word in computing. If you had a decision to make about what to buy you could, … Continue reading

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Semi-ironic checklist that *would* actually reduce ego-fodderfication

This post is only going to make sense if you read yesterday’s measured and reasoned analysis rant about two events I went to on Saturday.  Both would have been much much less counter-productive and appealing to a broad range of … Continue reading

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Ego-fodder, colluding in crap activism and lousy parenting

All in a couple of hundred words! Ego-fodder is my term for the “audience” at any event that has not been designed for genuine cross-clique mingling. Ego-fodder is the people sat in rows listening to the sage on the stage. … Continue reading

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Of ego-foddering, Chautauqua and circuses…

I call the circus “ego-fodder”ing. (See youtube video here.) Conferences, I have learned, follow one of two models, which might be called the Chautauqua model and the circus model. The Chatauqua model—does anyone these days remember the old Chatauqua shows? … Continue reading

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“Ego-fodder solutions*” youtube script – help wanted

Below is the draft script for the sequel video to the “From Cannon-Fodder to Ego-Fodder” youtube that I put up. I’ve had some good feedback (thanks – you know who you are), and plan to be putting this up as … Continue reading

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F.A.T. Liberation Front #activism

FAT stands for Fuck All Trotskyists Fuck Actual Trotskyists, whatever brand they are (and honestly, who can keep up with all the different splintering splinters of them? Splinters that serve no useful purpose, just irritate and cause pain if you … Continue reading

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The Real Conspiracy of Power

It has all the elements of a corking conspiracy thriller. It’s all about power – who has it, how they keep it. It’s been going on for years. It’s massively damaging. It’s been happening right under our noses, hidden in … Continue reading

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Meetings are for lemmings?

There are occasional readers of DT (hi Leavergirl, if you’re still there) who despair of my tendency to a) attend meetings and b) be surprised when they are crap. Some friends even staged an intervention a while back… They are, … Continue reading

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Take your Tory Party March and Shove. It. Up. Your. Arse.*

There’ll be some triumphant march organisers tonight. At least** 50,000 people traipsed around Manchester doing the “chant, chant, slogan slogan slogan” thing. Papers were sold (I think every single Trot in the UK was there). Placards were waved. Personally, I … Continue reading

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Left “Unity”, “People’s” “Assembly” and the “Socialist” “Workers” “Party” – god help us all.

Initiatives without initiative. Parties without pleasure. Stale formats run by stale people with stale (i.e. no) ideas. “Leaders” grubbing about for what little ego-fodder is to be had from half-empty halls full of the usual hacks and will-have-disappeared-in-3-months newbies. A … Continue reading

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