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Empathy, Hypocrisy, Comments and (re-climbing the) Dire Mountain

Attention Conservation Notice: Long (tl;dr) and solipsistic post about teachable moments, egos, blog commenting etiquette, intellectual and emotional courage and old “battles.” Not for anyone with a life, or who finds the picking of old scabs to be offensive. I … Continue reading

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Dire Mountain: the threequel

Checking out the excellent “Leaving Babylon” website, I stumble across the latest comment from Paul Kingnorth, co-organiser of “Dark Mountain.” [The back story: I spent £55 on a ticket for this ‘festival’ and came away shell-shocked at the promise-delivery chasm. … Continue reading

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Dire Mountain two- the sequel

A couple of really interesting further comments on the Dark Mountain debacle. First this one from RealFoodLover, Uncivilised was a mega-disappointment Despite its promise it was not cutting edge. The opposite. To quote one participant, it was (bar one exception) … Continue reading

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Dire Mountain: more abysmal than abyss-mal

They promised that the starting point of their festival would be “we’re all doomed.” They promised it wouldn’t be about tinkering around the edges, or doing reformism. They promised they’d give “brief, provocative snapshots of what the world looks like … Continue reading

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Privilege? I’m a big fan. Containerization? Not so much.

Not, to clarify,  privilege that deprives other people of opportunities. What do you think I am, some kind of sociopath? (1) What the economists might call non-exculsionary privileges then….Privileges I happened to like especially in the hour of my life … Continue reading

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Book review: Hero with a thousand faces

Hero with a thousand faces by Joseph Campbell Princeton 1949 Hmm. This is one of those books you keep seeing referred to in bibliographies and on reading lists and so on. I came within a whisker of reading it in … Continue reading

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Strategic? No. Interactive? Nope. Forum? ROFLMAO!!

Attention Conservation Notice: This tl;dr post is about a bad-but-interesting climate meeting that happened in Adelaide on 23 May. Hopeless format, of course, and lots of ego-foddering instead of network weaving. So it goes… Notes from the speeches and Q … Continue reading

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In defence of movements

There’s an interesting (IMHO) discussion over at “Leaving Babylon” that has become about the nature/possibilities of social movements. Our gracious host asked some questions to all involved. I’ve put hers to me in italics, and given the best answers I … Continue reading

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Beyond the Banality Point?

Here we go again. Another daring and innovative idea, another belly-flop. Last night went to the launch of “Beyond the Tipping Point? Conversations on Climate, Action and the Future.” There’s lot to say around this subject, on topics like Terror … Continue reading

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Unrevolutionary notes 2: Plus ca la meme chose…

May 9 (i.e. a day before Gordo said he’d quit) We have a hung parliament (not a hanged one, as the public mood might prefer). What does this mean for UK action on climate change? The Greens can point with … Continue reading

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