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Movement Disease Advisory: Avuncularitis

ATLANTA, Georgia: Social scientists at the CDC (Centre for Detection of Crap) have tonight issued a new Social Movement Disease Advisory Bulletin. The bulletin, latest in a series that also includes warnings on the perils of the “smugosphere” and “ego-fodder”, … Continue reading

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As a white m/c male, I am beginning to tire of race, class and gender-baiting

I have privilege, I have entitlement. I do not deny either. I used that privilege a few weekends ago when an avuncularitis-ing muppet chose not to have a co-facilitator in a room of 30 people, even though he is – … Continue reading

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XX marks the spot? Female-dominated meetings

Yes there are exceptions (many exceptions), but as a gross generalisation – for reasons that may have to do with genetics, or socialisation (and I am not particularly interested because the ‘genetics’ argument is a red herring) – women are … Continue reading

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“I’m not a racist, but…”

Last weekend, I left a spectacularly-badly run two-day workshop at the halfway point. And the following morning, some people who don’t know me at all decided it was because we had been about to have a “speak out” about black … Continue reading

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Boxing not so clever

The scary thing about my brush with avuncularitis over the weekend is how most of the thirty or so soi-disant dissidents in the room wanted to be children to the Great Guru in parent-mode.   That they were so so willing … Continue reading

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