Books I just bought (while giving away many many more!)

Having a bit of a clear-out. Long overdue of course. I took a backpack mostly full down to a ‘burb of Manchester where there are lots of charity shops. I surprised myself by coming away only with the following –

Christopher Isherwood “Goodbye to Berlin” (£1.50) The inspiration for I am a Camera and Cabaret
Arthur Hailey “Airport” (£0.50) I intend – if advanced industrial capitalism doesn’t collapse first – to write about aviation and its meaning. So, this and Airframe and others will be read…)
John Monaghan and Peter Just “Social and Cultural Anthropology: A very short introduction” (£1.99) Anthropology is on my long list of things to get my head around properly.
Estelle Phillips and DS Pugh How to get a PhD (£2) No-brainer
John Maxwell and Jim Dornan “Becoming A Person of Influence: How to positively impact the lives of others” (£3.49) Hmm. Wouldn’t it be nice…
Margaret Heffernan “Wilful Blindness: Why we ignore the obvious at our peril” (£3.49) And, hopefully, “how we stop ourselves and others ignoring the obvious…”

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3 Responses to Books I just bought (while giving away many many more!)

  1. ”Becoming a person of Influence” & ” Wouldn’t it be nice …” Indeed to positively impact and erradicate ”Wilfull Blindness” while one is about it.

  2. dwighttowers says:

    Or minimise it. To er is human and all that… 😛 🙂

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