Charity shop goons

Went out for a lovely lunch with the lovely Mrs Towers. Haloumi fish and chips!

Charity shop people are getting more and more vicious. As we were innocently walking past they would leap out and force us at gunpoint to buy books.

I got
The Survivor by James Herbert. Guy survives plane crash in which everyone else is crispy. Film of it was shot in Adelaide. I remember we’d drive into the city past the growing Jumbo jet, which one day was torched (they filmed the crash the night before). I have an idea to write on the mechanics and meaning of civil aviation. It’s in the “maybe one day” file.

The Consumers’ Guide to the Protection of the Environment by Jonathan Holliman. Published originally in 1970, my “revised and updated edition” of 1974 has a mention of carbon dioxide accumulation and the ‘greenhouse effect’ (I am going to write something on the (very) early days of popular awareness of climate change…

Easy Learning German Verbs, published by Collins. Did you know that “William Collins’ dream of knowledge for all began with the publication of his first book in 1819. A self-educated mill worker, he not only enriched millions of lives, but also founded a flourishing publishing house.”
Why? If I want to be more employable, being a competent German speaker would be a Good Thing. Watch this space…

Peace for Beginners by Ian Kellas. One of those cartoon/text books. I am shamefully ignorant of the history of the peace movement.

The Way We Live Now by Anthony Trollope . Melmotte and all that – big “decadence” jeremiad form the 1870s. Will be interesting to read using the Multi-Level Perspective…

Helmsman and Heroes; Control theory as a key to past and future by William Gosling. Yep, also need to read Beniger’s The Control Revolution

Bloody charity shop goons.

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