Nobody likes a know-it-all

At work yesterday someone said words to the effect  “You know something about everything, don’t you?”

I demurred, pointing out that she only remembered the times that I had something useful to add.

[I see you at the back there Jenkins, stop snickering!!!]

She didn’t remember all the times I kept my mouth shut.

[Jenkins!  Morgan!  The Headmaster’s Office, now!!!]

She asked how I got this way, and the reply was along these lines

– a fairly methodical memory (but then, everyone thinks they’re above average)

– boredom with “popular culture” to the point of not having an Idiot’s Lantern, and filling the gap with getting on the stepper and reading articles

– getting interested in a subject, reading a few books (and more latterly google-binges), until bored and found a new subject

– keeping lists of unfamiliar words and facts and then going on google-binges.

To my eternal credit I also pointed out that knowing a load of facts doesn’t make you smarter, better, nicer, more effectual or anything like that.  It simply means you know a lot of facts.

Is there a point to this blog post?  No, just the old narcissism.

Well, maybe this – there was a time when I would have been (wrongly) proud, when I would have metaphorically puffed out my chest.  Age, if not Buddhist practice and meditation has allowed – so I pretend – a certain ironic detachment;  This is who I have become.   I know some of the hows and the whys.  I am unlikely to change much, so I had better get used to it.

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