Talk, talk, about the dying of the light

Thanks to an undeserved dose of luck (an oxymoron tautology,  I know), Things Will Soon Be Different (better, I think!).

And the opening gusts of that storm we call progress are upon me. I’ve encountered “grounded theory“. It’s a very supple, subtle, easily-done-badly way of investigating and sense-making about the world.

The first study using it, before it even had a name, was on “awareness of dying”.

Sociologists and nurses shadowed doctors, nurses, patients who were in the last days/hours of their lives (whether they knew it or not). And there were – then (this was the 60s) four basic categories – closed awareness, suspicion awareness, mutual pretence and open awareness. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, of course.

Here’s a recent look at how things have/haven’t moved on, from a website I’ll clearly have to visit lots…

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