Dreadful “poem” #94

Dreadful “poem” #94

We are implicated, imbricated, consolidated and complicated
We are encumbered incumbents, fearful in the comfortable forts of our manufactured needs and wants.
We are in a river of oil, stepped so far that returning were as tedious as go o’er…

We are invested,
wearing the vestments of our sumptuous seedy past.
Wearily blotting out the bleating boy who declares us naked. We warily
divest of their democratic rites the protesters who
dimly call for renewed sumptuary laws.

Let us rest in peace, in our own borders. A simple request, surely?
Just let us continue to keep everyone else’s
oil, soil and toil, past peasant and future.
Have it brought to us on a plate.

If you’re docile and “decent”, and can get past the palace guards we might appoint you as royal taster… Watch out for the new hungry crocodiles in the moat.

The last supper is almost upon us.
Our alchemists are wrong. Their technology won’t allow
for many more feeding the five thousand stunts.

It was a fun ride, but it’s all over bar the shouting. And
the screaming
rending of clothes and
sickly repentance.

May 2014

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1 Response to Dreadful “poem” #94

  1. Arty says:

    DT that’s genuinely brilliant wordplay.
    Grim truth, but truth nonetheless.

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