Doooomed I tell you, all dooooooooooooomed

In response to something about needing to cut emissions by 40 to 70 per cent by 2050…

Whoever wrote that doesn’t know their facts.  The probable level for  emissions reductions to have even a rough chance of avoiding 2 degrees has been – even the most conservative reading – 60 to 80% cuts by 2050, with 40% by 2020, since the problem is cumulative (a bit like compound interest on a loan, the longer you leave it without making payments, the more trouble you have. The analogy is not perfect).  Look, basically, barring some amazing technological solution out of nowhere, we are toast.  And if we DID get the technological miracle for climate, we still face a dozen other gnarly problems.  The species has never really sorted out the problems in its wiring that made it pretty well adapted (via its cultures) for savannahs.  Our opposable thumbs and thin sliver of prefrontal cortex (a 2mm film of neurons) and our related ability to communicate and co-ordinate have meant that we have swept all before us for millennia, in a relentless search for protein.  Every niche we exhausted meant we innovated to exploit new niches.  Our current – unprecedented – problem is not just of niche exhaustion for exploitation (fossil water in California etc), but of waste disposal.  Just because we’ve ducked and weaved and killed through all the others, doesn’t mean any of us should expect success this time round.  It’s an order of magnitude (at least) more wicked.

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