From taunting the heart-attack gods to dissecting bosses

Not literally, in either case, and that’s probably a Good Thing.

Went running Saturday morning, for the first time in forever. Am overweight, so knees and ankles probably won’t love me for it, even though I was running on soft ground. Managed further than I thought I would – about 2.2k (a mile and a third, for any Imperialists).
Then at the local community project for some practical work (sawing, nailing etc and filming).
Then making a film with a new friend, talking to Mrs Towers, farting around on various interwebzy things.
Today more community project then from lunchtime to now working with two good friends on various Projects.
And in amongst that we talked of cognitive empathy, affective empathy and bosses who can fake it.
And bosses who either care about their underlings or only care about their overlings (the latter more numerous, more dangerous etc. And those of the latter with good social skills most dangerous of all).

Anyway, I’ve been remiss in posting these last few days, as predicted/”planned”. Will that continue? Dunno.

Hope you’re all (well, ‘both’) all well.

Best wishes

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