Washing dirty laundry in public – on the left and the lies it tells itself

There’s knowing the procedures (the formal roles) and then there’s knowing the process (the social meanings)….

I saw a bit of a film, back when it came out, of Debra Winger as [what we now call] someone with educational special needs.
She worked in a dry cleaners. One day an important guy (the mayor?) came in to pick up his suit ahead of a fancy dinner party that night. The owner of the shop came to the back of the shop, cursing when he realised he’d forgotten to clean it. So he sprayed it with perfume and stuck it in a plastic bag and took it back out – voila. Winger protests publicly (in front of the client!) about this, insisting it’s not clean. The mayor knows/strongly suspects she is telling the truth, but it’s more socially convenient/important for him to maintain the fiction with the owner of the shop that he doesn’t know. They look at each other embarrassed and he leaves.
Winger’s character gets very frustrated, not understanding that truth doesn’t matter, that the interaction is less important than the relationship. I think she then gets fired. Shouted at at the very least…

I am sure there is an analogy/metaphor here about my dealings with the “left”, but for the life of me I can’t think what it is…


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