Our outrage, our (self)-righteousness, is not enough

This isn’t Hollywood. There isn’t some deus ex machina or any rule that says that the good guys win (see what they did to the creepy Dutch film “The Vanishing” if you need an example.)

No flag ever stopped a bullet from a gun.
And neither did our passion, our outrage, the essential rightness of our cause.
This should clearly be obvious to everyone, but isn’t.

Why would we choose not to know this, above and beyond basic wish-fulfilment? Because knowing it calls us to be better. That we have to systematically push ourselves – and each other- out of our comfort zones. That we assess our effectiveness, and that we choose not to be censored by people who tell us “never judge” (I am not sure the difference between judging and assessing, to be honest. I do know that if we never assess, we will just keep on doing the same thing over and over again, or else we will learn at a snail’s pace.)

I am told that I have to remember that “everyone’s doing their best.”
I don’t believe this. I think this is a massive underestimate of what we are capable of. I believe that people are capable of more – of experimenting and of then bedding in” the cultural changes we need.

If everyone IS doing their best then we are a) fucked and b) most definitely going to need to get some more people on board.


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