Here we go again on our own… #climate veterans and the hope-despair oscillation

A lot of ethical and concerned people have – quite sensibly – given up. There was period in the late 2000s when some young professionals agonised about whether to fly – either for work or pleasure.

That time, I think (and I have only anecdotes, no data) has passed. And not – as the skeptics would have you believe – because of climategate this or trapped-ship that. No, because the science and the rhetoric has moved on. Anyone who has been paying any attention knows that most climate scientists have, in the last two or three years, come to the conclusion that there is no realistic chance of keeping global warming below 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels. Even if the political will were there (it isn’t) and even if the technology was there (it isn’t) we have left it Too Late.

All that seems to be left is to soften the blows, and to try to create enough mechanisms of democracy and common sense to avoid (or defer!) the predictable spasms of dictatorship, victim-blaming and all around “Kill the pig, stick his throat” ness that awaits.

A revivified climate movement would have to deal with this gloomy outlook, while also answering the “so how will it be different next time” question.
The NGOs, clearly preparing themselves for a 2015 in Paris re-run of 2009 in Copenhagen, are spectacularly poorly equipped to do this, and so, I fear, are the social movement organisation remnants populated by the refugees from Climate Camp and so on.

Answers on a post-card, please.


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3 Responses to Here we go again on our own… #climate veterans and the hope-despair oscillation

  1. Antonio Dias says:

    Clarity comes when we know what doesn’t work. Really know it. Without falling into “pessimism,” or waiting for someone/something to “cheer us up.”

    You describe a moment of clarity. It opens all possibility while providing an opportunity to stop beating against what we know does not work.

    Futility can be liberating when we stop “trying” to insist it’s all just a matter of throwing more will at it.

    There are more choices than black and white, all or nothing, yes or no. Clarity is a first step in finding what these other choices might be.

    Otherwise it’s just another pissing match. Everyone talking past each other. Waiting for someone else to make a real move.

  2. dwighttowers says:

    Just glad, so glad, that I had that vasectomy. Other than proposing to the woman who is now my wife, it’s about the only smart move I ever made.

  3. Sam Gunsch says:

    “A revivified climate movement…” would focus on “mechanisms of democracy.”

    And among the first and most important steps, would be for the leaders of the top NGO’s to take account of how much they currently help to neutralize democracy, how they effectively serve to entrench corporatist governance, and thereby marginalize the citizenry, by their ongoing participation in corporatist climate policy processes.

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