Belling the Cat

Belling the Cat

So, all the mice had a meeting and agreed that life would be better for them all if the cat wore a bell, warning them that it was approaching. All cheered at the consensus, and were about to go their separate ways, when one of the older mice asked “Who will bell the cat?”


And when I told this to a good friend, she pointed out that it doesn’t quite apply to the grubby and exhausting process of movement-building. Belling the cat would be a high-adrenaline, high-status-if-successful one-off event. It would not be prolonged, boring, virtually invisible, and with ambiguous-to-non-existent signals of success and failure.


“Huzzah” I said, before threatening to pass her observations off as my own, inverting the order of the dialogue. She was unsurprised in the extreme. It seems this is something men do all the time… Who knew?



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