Television review: A Bridge Too Far #ecoterrorism

Spoiler alert – frank discussion of the plot of the first two episodes of season two of The Bridge.

Oh dear. I didn’t see the first season, but it seems to have been your standard “serial killer pursued by fat Danish cop and hot Swedish Aspergers cop thing.” Guardianistas loved it.

Saw the first two episodes a couple of days back. The first one was full of atmosphere, funny, dark etc etc. The second one, where All Began To Become Clear, was… well,

The Bridge jumps the Shark

Soooo, there is an upcoming EU summit. And there is some outfit that has managed to
a) kidnap five people, give them plague, hijack a ship and crash it into a bridge
b) release poison into the food chain, killing 4 people (including two children) at random
c) do a targetted killing of a university academic

And… there is no taskforce set up, it’s just the Danish cop, still clearly fucked up by the events of the previous year, the Swedish woman and two Danish cops. Uh-uh…


We are projecting, smearing the messenger
Environmentalists spend their time warning about “pollution”. Pollution is not something that people who want to think of themselves as pure and good like to be confronted with.

And what is the easiest way out of this? Not to confront the quality of the arguments being made. The case that we are turning the planet into a slagheap is, fundamentally, unanswerable.

No, it’s easier and far safer to create/watch TV shows and movies where the “baddies” are people who are concerned about these issues and trying to act. It’s easier to create unbelievably bad caricatures of them, as has been done here and elsewhere. #functioninghegemony

See also – dreadful Seattle thing [ah, found it – “Greenmail“], TV “Spooks” with the London Barrage


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