New Year’s Resolution – fewer posts

They (NYRs) don’t work, of course, but a few days ago I was having what I hope will turn out to have been a very important meeting with a dear friend.  And I opined that if I were serious about getting the stuff we want done done, then I’d have to dial back – possibly waaay back – on the ol’ Dwight Towers posts.

Will still post stuff on my abiding concerns-

  • the health/creation of social movements to tackle the existential threats that face the species (saying it like that, makes it sound so, comment c’est dire?, pretentious…)
  • the ways white people have screwed, and continue to screw, other “races” over.
  • knob gags

But mostly I need to redirect my attention to the pressing matters at hand….

PS Small backlog of existing posts/concerns to be cleared first…


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