People who oppose geo-engineering often hope for “wake-up” disasters? Go figure. #climate

Mirrors in space or sulphur in the clouds to reflect the sun’s rays.  Iron filings in the ocean to encourage carbon out of the atmosphere.

And other desperate technophiliac “bargaining-phase” idiocy.

Yep, this is all decried – and rightly so – by climate activists.

Some of whom have been known to hope for “wake-up” disasters. The thinking seems to be that if a Hurricane Katrina, say, were to happen to rich white people we might start getting somewhere.

You can say, empircally, this.

Or you can be a bit more meta, and suggest that geo-engineering guys and wake-up wanters have more in common than they think.

They both have a touching faith that a technology (either man-made or ‘natural’) will create a change that will, relatively unproblematically,  “work”, will spread quickly, and give long-lasting change without any unforeseen side-effects.



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