No Direction Home: Cool-hunting, Mumford&Sonisation and the “Left”

We can see it so easily when the Bad Guys do it. When corporations or state bureaucracies and politicians-on-the make use terms like “sustainability” or “green” or “low carbon” we push back, yell “greenwash!”  At least until the battle is lost.

When our “friends” do it? We on the “left” either can’t see it (too stupid), or refuse to see (too spineless), or chide the people who refuse to turn a blind eye (too stupid to see that we are spineless).  We lecture these ‘whistle-blowers’, saying they can’t expect to be heard if they say such nasty things.

Our “friends” are busy emptying important terms of their meaning, right now.

Recently I went to an event which proclaimed itself “open space”, with “world cafe.” An “un-conference” it proclaimed itself.

Pure bollocks.  I pushed back at that. And for my troubles, all I got was tone-policing, irrelevant defensiveness (“person x told me it was life-changing”) and then irrelevant insinuations about my motives for attending the day.  Followed by utterly predictable silence.

Fuck you. Fuck you very very much. You know who you are.

“In the UK, from second-wave Britpop’s attenuation of post-punk’s radicalism to the compromised conservatism of nu-folk, retromania and hipsterism have overseen not merely the commodification of previously subversive or oppositional artistic movements – under capitalism, this process is both predictable and inevitable – but their co-option to the extent of preventing the emergence of anything new.

“From this perspective, hipster culture’s derivative and appropriative nature, its inability to innovate, mirrors a wider lack of alternative political possibilities. The instability, uncertainty and introversion that has produced a loss of faith in political orthodoxies has also produced a culture at a loss as to how to define itself and given the apparent imminence of disaster, unconvinced that it’s worthwhile bothering to do so.”

Kill all Hipsters
Rhian E. Jones
Strike! Magazine Summer 2013


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