Access or Influence – a self-plagiarism

I wrote this below today. Then checked out the DT archives. I published something very similar on September 18th 2010. Dog, vomit, return.
Why? Because I have ‘access’ at the moment. And need to remind myself not to be bovvered one way or the other.

You can have access to decision-makers without having any influence on them.
You can have influence on decision-makers without having any access to them.

Forced to choose between the two, NGOs and pressure groups usually go for the former.  And once they have access, they want to defend it.  They self-censor, scale back demands etc etc.

Liberals need to believe that our lords and masters are reasonable, ethical Enlightenment beings.
And they need to keep the direct debits flowing from their (liberal) subscribers.
They can’t afford – psychologically or financially – to understand what is actually going on.  And they allow themselves to be used as a figleaf, a stab vest etc.  And if you point out that their access didn’t buy them any influence at certain key points, they get a bit confused, at best…
The game’s the game.


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