It’s time activists METT-T the military…

Not in the sense of them throwing us out of helicopters over the North Sea (though I suspect it will come to this in the next decade or so. So it goes.)

No, in the sense that activists could use that tax-payer created knowledge from all the military academies about how to make things happen to, um, make things happen.

I sat in a meeting last Monday where the mission was not clear, the “enemy” (we would say ‘opponent’) was not clear, the terrain was murky, the troops on our side – their disposition, their talents, their morale etc – was unclear and there was no sense of how much time we had.
It was, as they so poetically say in the military, a clusterfuck. So I did what you can’t do in t’army – I walked away.


Wanna know more? Read this.


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