“Professional confessions of privilege…”

Hénia Belalia, who is on the National Coordinating Committee of Deep Roots United Front, and the former director of Peaceful Uprising., wrote a piece called “Is Professional Activism getting in the way of real change?”  Excerpt below, but the whole thing demands reading…

Andrea Smith refers to this in a recent piece, as an “  entire ally industrial complex   (that) has developed around the professional confession of privilege.” This practice of atonement perpetuates power imbalances by re-centralizing the voices and experiences of those carrying historical privilege, this time elevating them to the role of righteous confessors. This “anti-oppression” work Smith writes about is missing the mark entirely.

With anti-oppression on the tip of everyone’s tongues these days, it is critical to remind ourselves that working with those who’ve been historically oppressed is not about atonement of guilt, stroking of egos, or moving personal agendas forward.

Hat-tip to Sam…


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2 Responses to “Professional confessions of privilege…”

  1. pendantry says:

    Am I missing something? (probably). The third quoted paragraph appears to be identical to the first.

    I do hope that I’m not suffering from Leresis.

  2. dwighttowers says:

    Nope, no leresis. (well, maybe, but this isn’t evidence of it). My bad, will fix.

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