“Conspiracy had no palaces…”

I used to be fascinated by the existence of conspiracies, and conspiracy theories.  Pattern recognition, pattern over-recognition, all that stuff.  Nice quotes about paranoia knocking about on my hard-drive somewhere.  Here’s one about conspiracy…

“Conspiracy had no palaces. It belonged in transit areas, lonely hotel rooms, temporary accommodations, in the interstices, in cargo-sheds in remote airfields, in departure lounges, in travel schedules, in the hidden exchange of money, in venal practice, sexual peccadillo, false passports, faked photographs, anonymous bank accounts, deep-cover fictions, false biographies. There was nothing grand about conspiracies. Their application dealt in first symptoms, after which viral infections travelled on the wind, multiplying out of all proportion to the events they had caused. They were cliches, close to predictable, at best an act of hope. Many conspiracies were still-born. Conspiracy was heretical and voluptuous, denied while rampant. Those he enjoyed most were the ones where there was no conspiracy beyond the invention of overactive imaginations.”

Page 352 of The Passenger by Chris Petit



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