Facile apologies

Found another button that people push because I iz projecting.

And it is… (drumroll please) Facile apologies made for recurrent behaviour.

Change, dammit.  It’s very hard.  But you can’t be forever letting yourself off the goddam hook.

There’s heaps of good advice (much of it lands with depressing regularity in t’inbox) from all sorts of people wiser than DT.



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4 Responses to Facile apologies

  1. Antonio Dias says:

    OK, I’ll bite.
    Change isn’t hard or easy. It happens when we stop trying.
    Changing isn’t just hard, it’s impossible. A nightmare where you are always approaching and never arriving.

    • pendantry says:

      I agree with ‘nightmare’, but am confused by the ‘stop trying’. Do you mean ‘accept (what appears to be) the inevitable’, or ‘stop trying to change‘?

      • Antonio Dias says:

        The quick answer, stop trying to change.

        That would include confusing acceptance of what-is with “Acceptance of what appears to be inevitable.” A subtle but important difference between those two statements.

      • pendantry says:

        I’m still confused.

        As I see it, the danger of accepting ‘what-is’, of a cessation of attempting to change, is that there will be no change at all — not in any meaningful direction, anyway.

        What incentive is there for (useful) change? What will drive it? The market won’t (that seeks profit, pure and simple). Politicians won’t (they seek business as usual, and their own self-serving short term goals). Well-meaning lobbyists won’t (because they lack the muscle to counter the wealthy oligarchs/ plutocrats).

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