Why we are screwed

We hate and fear nature. Cos nature used to come at us in the shape of sabre-toothed tigers and leopards and so on, and eat the crap out of us when we were hominids and “humans” on the savannah and in the jungle, with no decent eyesight, claws or fangs or fire to defend ourselves.

We have yet to forgive “nature” and we will control her and kill her if it is the last thing we do. Which, of course, it will be. Oh how we will laugh.

For meat on the bones (har har) of the assertions above, see Barbara Ehrenreich’s magnificent “Blood Rites“.


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One Response to Why we are screwed

  1. pendantry says:

    I was thinking this very thing just yesterday. Here in England we have successfully tamed the wildlife; there’s nothing to fear from wild beasts (well, except the occasional mugger, and inevitable insane politician bent on fracking the ground beneath our feet). What, I found myself thinking, would life be like if we allowed some of the savagery back into our lives? How would this affect the way we think?

    An interesting thought experiment. Although it could never happen (because as soon as a tiger escapes from the zoo the marksmen are out to track it down and shoot it before it can eat a lamb from a hillside or a baby in a pram) it might actually get us to wake up, help us to distinguish between what’s important (life, the universe, everything) and what’s not (the Up To 50% Sale <blink>now on</blink> at your nearest furniture superstore!!!).

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