Marsh of the giants…

So, there’s that famous psychological study of kids who were able to delay gratification doing Better in life (as measured by money etc).  Well, someone has gone back and tweaked the work.

“Kids are surprisingly capable of delaying gratification when they’re given evidence that doing so will pay off,” says Celeste Kidd, lead author of the study. “On the flip side, we also demonstrated that kids sensibly decide to indulge in an immediately available treat when the circumstance suggests waiting won’t get you anything better.”
More broadly, the authors suggest, living in an environment where adults are flaky may affect your ability to wait. Self-control is situational – the children were struggling not with appetite but with logic (is the second marshmallow really worth the wait?)”

Martha Gill The myth of marshmallows

FT Magazine 7th/8th September 2013



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