Nick Cohen on the Liberal Democrats and the #securitystate #observer

Nick Cohen is not my favourite human being or journalist, but still, his piece on the “Liberal” Democrats is good stuff.

“David Davis has studied his former partners closely and concluded that the Lib Dems are as easy to manipulate as rubber bands. Half the parliamentary party has ministerial jobs – no party has ever had such a high proportion of MPs in office. They must keep quiet or quit. The other half wants to replace them. They wait for ministers to die, retire through ill health or resign because of a sex scandal (and, as we have seen, so many Lib Dem men live in the beta-male world of suburban swinger parties and rent boys, scandals are all but guaranteed). Like many of their Labour and Conservative colleagues, they are too young for power.

“Despite Iraq, they remain in awe of the intelligence services and willing to submit to the spies’ demands. The post-Second World War generation of politicians had served in the forces. As incompetent spies sent their comrades to their deaths, they learned the hard way the truth of the saying that “military intelligence” is an oxymoron. Today’s politicians were brought up on James Bond and Spooks, says Davis, and, by God, it shows.


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