“Trust us… we know what we are doing.”

Hilarious scenes on Tuesday. Some bureaucrats basically tried to spin failure (and quite large and unambiguous failure) as success. Nothing personally corrupt, it’s just How Bureaucrats Are. The politicians- with a little help it’s true – spotted what was going on, and things may change (but only with a lot of effort, and really, is it worth it? Who wants an “honest bureaucracy” on a dying planet? Shouldn’t I be out dancing and drinking and screwing cos there’s nothing else doing?).

What struck me was the sheer brass neck-ness of it. Caught lying they in essence said “trust us”. Caught having monumentally failed to achieve their goals they said “we know what we are doing.” And when asked to make more frequent “progress” (ha ha ha) reports (quarterly instead of annual), one of them – straight-faced – said “I’d rather my officers were out doing it than writing reports.”

How we all didn’t fall around laughing I can only ascribe to our middle-class upbringings.


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