Loathing and contempt #1: Those CQC apparatchiks #scum

People have unrealistic expectations of the NHS.  Priests are gone, death is gone and now everyone expects/demands their doctor do the impossible.  Shite like Holby City really isn’t helping.

What we need, therefore, is adults telling us when things have gone wrong, why they have gone wrong, and how much less unwrong we could make things, within the limits of dealing with complexity, complexities and human-bloody-beings.

We might expect something called the Care Quality Commission would be adult and tell the truth.  After all, that’s WHAT THE FUCKING TAXPAYER IS FUCKING PAYING FOR.

But no, instead we get some comfortable, status-loving apparatchiks trying to cover shit up. Instead of, you know, DOING THEIR FUCKING JOBS.

While I am totally and utterly unsurprised by this, and the behaviour of their bosses on the radio yesterday and today, that doesn’t mean I have one iota less of loathing and contempt for those cowardly thieves and destroyers.


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