White Fang and proscrastination

There’s a bit in Jack London’s “White Fang” where two humans bet that the titular half-wolf/half-dog can’t pull a heavily laden sled.

And the sled has been out on the ice for a bit, and has sunk down into grooves. And the dog understands this and wrenches first one way and then the other to break that tension, and then starts pulling the sled forward. London, not always a pleasant human being, tells the story well.

And it’s one of those little brain bits that I know/forget/know/forget. I was not nearly as productive over the weekend as I could have been, as I wanted to be. Yes, I did get some stuff done, but not as much as I desired (not, I haven’t used the word “should” here!).

And all I needed to do, I think, is wrench a little one way, and then the other.

I shall schedule this post to pop up again when I am next procrastinating…


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