Grim fairy tales and gallows humour #Chernobyl

I’ve just read “The Star Chernobyl” by Julie Voznesenskaya, which I would heartily recommend.  Lots in there about loyalty, duty, liberty versus freedom etc.  But that’s for another post or two.  Right now, this, from a passage relating how people are coping in the immediate aftermath of the disaster is funny as;

“And listen to this one from the kids where one of my friends works,” Tatyana broke in. “It’s a joke fairy-tale: “A cottage-loaf is rolling through the wood when a fox comes along. ‘Cottage-loaf, cottage-loaf, I’m going to eat you up.’  ‘I wouldn’t advise it, I’m not a cottage-loaf, I’m a hedgehog from Chernobyl.'”
page 122

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  1. Sarah Irving says:

    Reblogged this on Sarah Irving and commented:
    This is horrible, but brilliant. The fairy-tale tone – ‘little pig, little pig, let me in’ is note-perfect – which makes the punchline all the more appalling.

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